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canon mark 5d iii information


                   CANON 5D MARK III INFORMATION
Alot of people have been able to get their hands on the canon 5d mark iii so their are a lot of hands on review on the camera.
Engadget has released ISO examples on the camera. you can veiw them here.
videos shoot by planet 5D can also be viewed here.
The shipment date for the camera is still march 22. The stock is expected to be available before tomorrow. The major three retailers are
  • amazon
  • adorama
  • B&H                                     
you can still place pre-orders now .

Canon 5D mark iii manual-Download
 The canon 5d mark iii and nikon D4 user manual are both online.The canon 5d mark iii manual is not as much as the the nikon d4. The 5d mark iii's manual has more illustrattion and is easier to read.
 Also available for download is the pocket guide of canon 5d mark iii. Both are in pdf formats.
Download the canon 5D mark iii user's  manual 
Download the canon 5D mark iii pocket guide 

Canon 5D mark III Review

   Born out of pure ingenuity and years of refining its line of EOS camera, the canon 5d mark iii is something to be beheld by professional and amateurs photographers or videographers.With features superceeding its predecessor the canon 5d mark ii,this new member of  canon's line of EOS cameras is worth just reading about.In canon's highly insightful review of this camera on amazon, it referred to the 5d mark 3 as the power to create.World renowed photographer, Jeff ascough, who is one of the first few men to have experienced the power of this camera said at the end of his review, this camera is what every canon user has been waiting for and then some.
Ain't that something. Read canon's review on amazon here .
        By the way here are different views of the canon 5d mark to enlarge.

canon 5d mark III Body 24-105mm Lens
Canon 5D mark III

Canon 5D mark III

Looking at the the canon 5D mark iii from the outside it looks exactly like the canon 5D mark ii but with a  firmer grip  much like the canon 1X.
 The canon 5d mark iii comes with the all new 22.3MP full frame CMOS sensor as oppose to the 22.1MP found in the 5d mark ii.Coupled with a DIGIC 5 image processor this camera can shoot continuously for up to 6fps and capture perfectly detailed images.see some of the iamges here.
The canon mark 5d iii comes has an ISO range of 100-25600 and a 61-point AF. with this iso rnage the camera can shoot pictures at extremely low light. the dedicated AF tab found on top of the camera prevents you from having to go through the customs selection mode.
  The Canon 5D mark iii
it was designed like the 5D mark ii with a full frame sensor could shoot high definition vidoes. while the 5D mark ii could shoot vidoe for just 12mins, the canon mark 5d iii canon shoot HD vidoes for as long as 29mins and 59 seconds. other features for vidoegraphers include a dedicated head phone jack for conveniece in shooting, 64 step volume control that is accessible through the quick control screen during vidoe shooting,it automatically splits files greater than 4GB for extended recording.
     Other features includes a 3.5" LCD screen, dual memory card slots for both SD and compact flash cards,self cleaning sensor,silent shooting mode,high dynamic range mode and many more.
So are their any downsides to this camera. if their are downsides, it will be your own short comings as a photographer.
With these features, this camera is simply in a class of its own and is a must have for every photographer or videographer as its will perfectly suite your needs.
 The canon 5d mark iii will hit the market at $4,499-body only on march 22 .Sources say the cameras only be available to retailers in the united states and canada. Amazon and other big sellers having been taking preorders and will be filling these preorders first.
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